Grapes: 100% Falanghina

Winemaking: The grapes, harvested when perfectly ripe, are gently pressed and the must is separated by a soft bellows press. The wine ferments for 7-10 days in stainless steel tanks at an average temperature of 18°C and remains on the fine lees for 2-3 months. A period of bottle ageing follows.

Sensory characteristics: A bouquet of light citrus notes, fresh hints of white flowers, accompanied by apricot and peach. Dry on the palate and perfect balance of flavor and acidity that gives the wine great freshness and pleasantness.

Colour: Straw yellow with greenish reflections.

Serving suggestion: Particularly pleasant with risottos and main courses made with shellfish and fresh cheeses.

Recommended serving temperature: Between 10 and 12°C.

Allergen: Contains sulfites

EAN (bottle): 8002235028134

Scope of supply: 1 bottle of wine 0.75 liters

Awards: JamesSuckling.com 2019: 92 Points

The white grape FALANGHINA is probably of Greek origin and has been cultivated by the Italic people of the Samnites. It owes its name to the ancient viticulture system "phalange" (tied to the stake). You may also see this variety is a descendant of the ancient variety Aminea that was used for the white version of the famous "Falerner" in ancient Rome. Its cultivation is recommended in the regions of Campania and Abruzzo. Also in Sardinia, their cultivation is permitted. The late-ripening FALANGHINA (approximately in the second half of September) is cultured in the presence mainly in the Campania region and especially in the vicinity of Naples. FALANGHINA needs a warm and dry climate. The grapes are small, roundish, yellowish gray, with frosted shells and a strong sweet-sour pulp.

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