Montenegrin Sauvignon

Montenegrin Sauvignon

 Variety Sauvignon Blanc is grown on gravelly terrain of the vineyard, on the micro-location of Tuzi, in the coastal area of Lake Skadar. This variety achieves excellent results in the Podgorica subregion, and gives very refreshing, aromatic white wine, with marked minerality. This intense minerality testifies of its specific terroir. The wine has straw yellow color with greenish hues. On taste, it reminds of green pepper and elderflowers with notes of spicy herbs. Wine is balanced, full-bodied, nicely rounded and very refreshing. It has mineral and citrus tones in the aftertaste.


Temperature: 9–11 °C


Pairing with food

Salads, fish, seafood especially crabs, pasta and risotto with aromatic herbs, grilled vegetables, chicken and turkey meat with spicy sauces, all types of goat cheese.

Technical characteristic


Due to extremely high temperatures and low precipitation during the ripening process, unusual even for Ćemovsko polje, the technological maturity of grapes was accelerated. Because of climate conditions, mild dehydration of grapes happened, especially to those with thinner epidermis/skin. Grape dehydration came after the full phase of phenolic ripeness occurred. This led to a high concentration of the chemical composition of berries, therefore, the quality of grapes increased and we had one of the best vintages.